Porto Design Thinking Workshop Summary

On July 4 and 5, 2023, the Design Thinking workshop took place in Matosinhos, Porto, as part of the Remobilise project. MOBINOV as a partner of the consortium hosted the […]

INFIMO Project

Interconnected and Inclusive Innovation Ecosystems focused on ICT and Mobility (INFIMO) is a Horizon Europe project focused on strategic collaboration between clusters and diverse innovation actors from Estonia, Portugal and […]

InterBattery 2023

MOBINOV, AFIA and AICEP had the pleasure to participate in InterBattery 2023 and EV Trends Fair in Seoul on March 15,16 and 17. Through its representatives, Eng. Jorge Rosa and […]

Hi-Rev Project: Follow-up Meeting at MCG

Recently, the MCG hosted the follow-up meeting of the Hi-Rev project, which is a project under a mobilizing agenda supported by the RRP, aiming to assist the Automotive Industry in […]

NERSANT awards Gold Medal to Jorge Rosa

The president of Mobinov, Jorge Rosa, was honored by NERSANT with a Gold Medal, for his work in leadership at the Mitsubishi plant in Tramagal, where, for 16 years, he […]