Portugal to
the world

A platform for aggregating knowledge and skills

knowledge chain

this is a knowledge aggregator platform between the entire national automotive industry

research and innovation

we promote research and innovation in the sector by increasing the level of competitiveness of the Portuguese automotive industry

internationalization support

create an environment to promote and support the internationalization of the national automotive industry

Observatório Auto, all the information about Portuguese auto industry

Cluster auto, the national auto industry

It accounts for 20% of exports of tradable goods and 27% of the jobs generated in the last five years

Últimas / Novidades

Sede Mobinov

+351 22 016 48 98 (chamada para a rede fixa nacional)

Delegação Lisboa

+351 21 303 53 00 (chamada para a rede fixa nacional)

Mobinov Headquarters

+351 22 016 48 98 (national landline call)

Lisbon Branch

+351 21 303 53 00 (national landline call)