PT2WM Project – Portugal to World Mobility | Press Release

PT2WM Project – Portugal to World Mobility

The main organizations of the automotive sector in Portugal – MOBINOV, ACAP and AFIA – join efforts to promote and internationalize the automotive cluster, raising its potential to attraction of foreign investment, through capacity building and business mobilization of an entire sector, which aggregates more and more competitive companies in vehicle construction and component production.

We are witnessing the increased attractiveness of Portugal for international companies and manufacturers, given the proximity of the second European manufacturer (Spain) and the excellent conditions for the establishment of new factories and the creation of new value chains for the production of electric models in Portugal.

Optimizing automotive value chain production processes for efficiency gains – adaptation to Electric Vehicles, Autonomous and Connected Vehicles – combined with strengthening of Research & Development projects to anticipate consumer trends and respond to the optimization needs of the productive sector – adaptation to Circular Economy – also allow Portugal to reposition itself in the automotive market, through the creation of specific software solutions for the vehicles of the future.

Aware of this evolution and the current challenges, the MOBINOV, ACAP and AFIA will continue to support digital transition and energyas well as the development of new mobility concepts, through the creation of business ecosystems in the sector and knowledge networks capable of having an impact on other economic sectors.

On the horizon they already glimpse the new paradigm of consumption of automobiles with associated new forms of alternative energy, which encourage the continued development of decarbonization strategies and solutions in Portugal.


About ACAP
For more than 100 years (since 1910) representing the entire automotive sector in Portugal, given its value to the national economy.
Aware of the importance of the sector’s sustainable development, ACAP has created Valorpneu – Management Entity of the Used Tire System and Valorcar – Society for End-of-Life Vehicle Management.

And also to increase and strengthen the competitiveness of the Sector, ACAP participated in the creation of the Automotive Cluster – MOBINOV in 2016.
More information online at: ACAP | Home

About AFIA

The Association of Manufacturers for the Automotive Industry has been representing the automotive industry suppliers since 1966 by collecting and disseminating sector information and statistical data.
It also promotes competitiveness, exports, and internationalization of associated companies by organizing actions with potential buyers for the development of national suppliers. It also provides support for the establishment of foreign investors in Portugal;
More information online at:

A platform for aggregating knowledge and competence in the automotive industry, with the aim of promoting an increasing enhancement of competitiveness and internationalization of the sector to make Portugal a reference in research, innovation, design, development, manufacturing and testing of products and services in the automotive industry globally.
More information online at: MOBINOV – Automotive Cluster

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