Portugal AutoCluster for the Future

The PAC project aims to generate new knowledge for the development, testing, and demonstration of a new generation of technologies crucial to positioning the national automotive cluster in a new vehicle value chain – Tier 0.5 -, addressing the goals of autonomous and connected mobility.

The strategic objectives of this project are:

  • Develop, test and demonstrate new technologies, methodologies and processes for the digital transformation of the national automotive cluster in the context of Industry 4.0.
  • Develop, test and demonstrate new materials and new processes in core areas of the national automotive cluster, namely interiors and structures.
  • Enable the industry to new competencies in the area of connectivity, product-factory and product-service relationship.
  • Develop, test and demonstrate new concepts, new ways of product development and validation, taking into account the trends of the connected, electric and autonomous car.


Simoldes Group

Technical Lisbon

Critical Manufacturing






Micro Plastics

TMG Automotive




Computing Center



SLM Group

Leiria Polytechnic


Aveiro University

8 000 000 €

In this project, Mobinov is responsible for the project’s communication and successive dissemination of results, which includes the creation of a website and logo for the project and the organization and promotion of national events and participation in international events of relevance to the project.

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