Auto Observatory

The Automobile Observatory aims to contribute to strengthening the competitiveness of SMEs in the national automotive industry cluster, through the creation and dynamization of a strategic information base to support business transformation, induce economic diplomacy and attract specific FDI.

The Automobile Observatory promotes the growing internationalization of the sector, aiming to increase sales and exports and to achieve national and international recognition.

Specific Project Goals:

  • Set up a collective response to a common challenge duly identified
  • Promote the increase of the national incorporation in the automotive industry value chain, filling in the gaps detected in the Portuguese business fabric, namely in SMEs.
  • Develop measures to raise awareness of the critical factors of competitiveness, particularly in the areas of information and knowledge, innovation, productive and technological innovation, and the digital economy.
  • Promote practices of cooperation and competition among SMEs within the framework of the SME approach to the global market.
  • Promote initiatives that allow and enhance the obtaining of economic information about the sector, product/service positioning, markets, and financing in strategic areas for sustained and competitive growth.
  • Ensure that the results and outputs of the project will be widely publicized and duly complemented by demonstration and dissemination actions.

ACAP – Portuguese Automobile Association

AFIA – Association of Manufacturers for the Automotive Industry

382 000€

MOBINOV appears in this project with a responsibility to coordinate and manage the physical and financial execution of the project, ensuring a high level of cooperation and coordination among all its promoters.

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