ReStartSMEs | Training Program on Industry 4.0 and 5.0

Digital transformation requires more than just implementing technological solutions. In fact, the most revolutionary transformations happen when organizations take on the human resources needed to adapt to this transition and learn new ways of thinking and acting.

To this end, the ReStartSMEs project training program shows everyone involved how to make the most of current technologies and generate innovative relationships between people, machines, and the ecosystem.

Explore this program about scanning:

  • 🏭 Digitalization of Supply Chain
  • 👩💻 Digital Transformation: Why so much hype?
  • 🗺 What is Technology Roadmapping?
  • 💡New Product Introduction Strategies
  • ⚙️Characteristics and Enabling Technologies for Reconfigurable and Flexible Assembly Systems
  • 👷Large Scale Assembly
  • 🤖 Human-Centred Cognitive Robotics for the workplace of the future
  • 🏭Introduction to Industry 4.0
  • 👩💻Challenges and Keys for a Successful Digital Transformation
  • 💡Key Enabling Technologies Related to I4.0
  • 👩💻Unlocking new digital business models for production companies using Servitization
  • 🏭The path to AI in manufacturing
  • 🤝Connecting data, AI and Blockchain in manufacturing
  • 🤖Artificial Intelligence for Industry 5.0
  • Cloud Technology for Industry 5.0

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