ReStart SMEs Online Workshop “Reliable, low-latency wireless communication in challenging environments”.

Discover the best low latency wireless communication solutions for your manufacturing company! If you are struggling with the lack of reliable options, we have great news. The ReStartSMEs project's free online workshop offers a unique opportunity to learn about the latest technological innovations for wireless communications in manufacturing environments, complex buildings, and large industrial sites. […]

Partnerships for Horizon Europe: Smart Cities Projects

Join us at the Horizon Europe partner event dedicated to smart city projects! From May 10 to May 23, we will have inspiring sessions, presentation of ideas and skills, panels, and 1:1 meetings for consortium creation. The event is free, but you must register and activate your profile to participate. If you want to be […]

How to achieve success in the Internationalization process in the Automotive Industry

Mobinov- Cluster Automóvel de Portugal would like to invite you to the event"How to achieve success in the Internalization process in the Automobile Industry", to be held on March 23rd, at 10am. Regarding the contents explored in this event, these will be: Success stories in the internationalization process (good practices as well as challenges); Importance […]

Automotive Webinar – Trends, Challenges and Opportunities | Mobinov, SGS & PortusPark

Mobinov - Cluster Automobile of Portugal, together with SGS and PortusPark under the Transtech project, will hold the Automobile Webinar - Trends, Challenges and Opportunities, which will take place on March 14 and 15, from 9:30 am to 1 pm. Aimed at all automotive companies, from OEMs to TIERs, this webinar will focus on emerging […]

Cyber Security Webinar | Mobinov & AON

Mobinov - Automotive Cluster and Aon Portugal would like to invite you to the Cyber Security event " What challenges for the automotive sector?"In an increasingly challenging context in terms of the recurrence of cyber attacks, many of them without public visibility, we will share our experience and vision of the national and international market. […]

Hack4reSTART Torino

What are Hack4reSTART? Hack4reSTART is an innovative event format designed to bring together traditional European SMEs with technology providers that can offer them the right solutions for their digital transformation needs and the transition to Industry 5.0. Why is it worth participating? By participating in hack4reSTART you can get in touch with different technologies ranging […]

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