The aim of the project is to foster the development of interconnected and inclusive European innovation ecosystems via a strategic collaboration between clusters and diverse innovation actors from Estonia, Portugal and Georgia, focused on using ICT for digital and twin transition in various economic sectors aligned with the industry 5.0

  • To build a strategic partnership that engages more diverse innovation actors from Estonia, Portugal and Georgia, to jointly develop their innovation capacities and facilitate the deployment and scale-up of innovative solutions
  • To develop two collaboration models supporting the digital and green twin transition in various economic sectors with the help of ICT
  • Support science-based product and service development and set up RD&I pilots between innovation stakeholders in the INFIMO ecosystems focused on the field of mobility
  • To support the exchange of best practices, skills and knowledge development and mutual learning by the involved networks and various innovation actors
  • To build contacts with and pave the way for collaboration with relevant networks and innovation ecoystems in the EU and associated countries

500 000,00€

MOBINOV is the leader of WP4 Enhancing collaboration between sectors and ecosystems, as well as the leader of WP5 5 Training, skills development and exchange of best practices.

It is involved in strategic and operational management and implementation of all other work packages. In addition, MOBINOV leverages the outreach of the project to various innovation actors in Portugal, as well as to other EU mobility and automotive clusters via the European Automotive Cluster Network.

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Mobinov Headquarters

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