Inscrições de carros de passageiros: + 2,7% quatro meses em 2018; + 9,6% em abril

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Source: ACEA

In April 2018, the EU passenger car market showed a strong return to growth (+9.6%) after demand declined in March – 1,306,273 new cars were registered last month. All five major EU markets saw substantial increases: Spain (+12.3%) and the United Kingdom (+10.4%) recorded the strongest growth, followed by France (+9.0%), Germany (+8.0%) and Italy (+6.5%).

From January to April 2018, demand for new cars in the European Union increased by 2.7%, driven by last month’s robust growth. Car registrations went up in Spain (+11.0%), Germany (+5.0%) and France (+4.4%), but demand for new cars contracted in the UK (-8.8%). The new EU member states performed very well so far in 2018, with registrations increasing by 12.5%. Overall, 5,478,442 new passenger cars were registered in the EU during the first four months of the year.

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