Mobinov aims to be a Cluster of Excellence, which contributes to the growth of the competitiveness of the Portuguese automotive sector, supported by high IDI indices, qualification of its critical success factors and its presence in international markets. With this in mind, Mobinov has set five objectives:

To create and manage a platform that brings together knowledge and skill within the automotive sector, recognised institutionally as an economic cluster of competitiveness and national interest.

Create conditions to achieve broad levels of innovation and technological development, enhancing the international competitiveness of Portuguese automotive industries;

Strengthen the competitiveness of a key sector of the economy by promoting increased exports.

Attract investors from China, India or Korea with the objective of hosting another automobile manufacturer;

To help Portugal become a reference in research, innovation, design, development, manufacturing and testing of products and services of the automotive industry, where Mobinov is responsible for coordinating, managing, executing, promoting and disseminating actions aimed at:

Reinforcing the articulation of players and initiatives, promoting partnerships and dynamics of sustainable clustering and business valuation in the sectors and ranks of the automotive industry;

Developing value chains of builders and suppliers in Portugal and in nearby markets;

Promoting global supply strategies for the components industry and its customers.

The activities to be developed by Mobinov include participation in international knowledge networks, international promotion initiatives, training/awareness/information actions, dynamics of interclusterisation, promotion of resource sharing, as well as the commitment to attract new members.

For this plan of activities, the knowledge and experience of its members in projects of a collaborative nature will be considered, since about 35% of these have already participated in collaborative projects or other cooperative initiatives.

The creation of this Cluster of the Automobile Industry aims to strengthen the competitiveness of a sector that is fundamental to our economy, also promoting the increase of the country's exports.

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