Mobinov - Automobile Cluster Association results from a joint initiative of the Automobile Association of Portugal (ACAP) and the Association of Manufacturers for the Automobile Industry (AFIA).

The association intends to establish and manage a platform that brings together knowledge and skill in the  automotive industry, to promote a growing appreciation of the competitiveness and internationalisation of the sector.

With its head office in Matosinhos and a delegation in Lisbon, Mobinov is an "open platform to support the dynamics of clustering in the automotive industries, reinforcing the articulation of players and initiatives to promote a growing appreciation of competitiveness and internationalisation".

The association intends to develop value chains to builders and suppliers in Portugal and in nearby markets, and create global supply strategies for the component industry and its customers.

Mobinov wants to transform Portugal into a reference in research, innovation, design, development, manufacturing and testing of products and services of the automotive industry.

With the creation of this Cluster of the Automotive Industry, we intend to strengthen the competitiveness of a fundamental sector of our economy, whilst at the same time promoting the increase of the Country's exports.


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