Working Groups

The automotive Cluster, by its specific characteristics, has processes supported in systematic tools of information sharing and results. In the case of Working Groups activities it is pretended to explore this industry's typical competency and transport it to another dimension, but that simultaneously makes possible the creation of new habits of envolvement and criation of solutions for the cluster, through cooperation.

Having in consideration the diversity of sectors of activity included in MOBINOV, and the need of envolvement from different sectors (corporate, universitary and scientific), the identification of great themes and its development would allow not only to fix objectives in each one, but also gather specialists from companies, universities and other institutions on each theme.

In this sense, there were created three workgroups:


Enlargement and consolidation of the industry

Leading actions to the increase of local competitiveness, the identification of opportunities for a bigger national incorporation e Cluster's growth (for example through the attraction of one more constructor).

Industrial Specialization and Technological Development

Leading actions to the increase of flexibility of national industry with the adoption of industrial management and industry 4.0 good practices, as well as the preparation new futures following the main trends.

Information and Promotion

Leading actions to the follow up of markets, products and technology's trends, as well as the promotion of national industry in consolidated and emerging markets.

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